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"When I take a warm bath in the morning,
I feel like it rejuvenates my body and my soul!
Boundless Bath really is the best store and
I am in love with my walk in tub
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- Mary M., Virginia

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+30 Years of Caregiving

We are professionals. Our team has over 30 years of nursing and professional caregiving experience.

With our management experience in the hospice and home health industries, we know one of the most impactful things is to get into a routine taking a warm bath.

Medical experts everywhere greatly support the use of Walk in Tubs.

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Give us a call! Over the phone, our American representatives will help you find the best Walk in Tub for your unique situation, provide information about the install, and answer any questions that you may have. Our team is trained to be good listeners, and they do not get paid sales commission.
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